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Francisco Nunes

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Adicionados recentemente
30 Seconds to Mars
ACDC.Iron.Man. 2.Deluxe.Editi on.2010
ACDC Iron Man 2 [Deluxe Edition] (2010)
ACDC_-_Back_In _Black-1980-FA F
ACDC-Backtrack s-2CD-2009-C4
ACDC-Live_At_R iver_Plate 2012
Adele - Discography (Complete) [2008 - 2011]
Adele - 21 [2011] + Bonus Tracks
Adele - iTunes Live from SoHo [2009]
Adele -19 [2008] (Deluxe Version)
Adele.Discogra phy.(Complete) .[2008-2011]-F L
Aerosmith -Tough Love - Best Of The Ballads 2011
Alanis Morisette - Jagged Little Pill-1995
Aldo Nova - Aldo Nova__MOOVK.CO M
Alicia Keys - The Element Of Freedom (Deluxe)
Amor Electro - Cai o Carmo e a Trindade
Amorphis-The_B eginning_Of_Ti mes-2011-r35
Amy Winehouse - Frank Deluxe Edition
Amy Winehouse - Back To Black deluxe edition
Arabic Café - Songs That Shooked Europe (2010)
Arcade_Fire-Fu neral-(JP_Impo rt)-2CD-2005-U ST
Aurea - Aurea (2010)
Banda Sonora - Lua Vermelha (2010)__WWW.PI RATATUGA.NET
Bande Originale de Lol
Beach_Boys_-_P et_Sounds-1966 -FAF_INT
Beach Boys
Panic! at the Disco
Black Eyed Peas -The E.N.D. [DE] [2009][2CD+Ski dVid_XviD+Cov]
CD 1
CD 2
Santos e Pecadores - Energia (2010)_os.r eformados
Blondie-Parral lel_Lines-1978
Blur-Parklife- 1994-EOS
Bob Seger - Live Bullet 1976
Bob_Dylan_-_Bl onde_on_Blonde -1966-FAF_INT
Bob_Dylan_-_Bl ood_on_the_Tra cks-1975-FAF_I NT
Bob_Dylan_-_Hi ghway_61_Revis ited-1965-FAF
Bob_Marley_-_T he_Very_Best_O f_2009
Bob Marley - The Very Best Of 2009
Bon_Jovi-The_C ircle-CD-2009- DOH
Brian_Wilson-S mile-2004
Britney Spears - Outta This World (2009)
Bruce_Springst een_-_Born_to_ Run-1975-FAF
Bruce_Springst een_-_Darkness _of_the_Edge_o f_Town-1978-FA F
Bruno Mars - Earth To Mars (2011)
Bruno Mars - Greatest Hits
Cabeças No Ar - Cabeças No Ar (2002)
Camel - Stationary Traveller - MP3-320
Captain_Beefhe art-Trout_Mask _ Replica-1969
Carole_King_-_ Tapestry-1971- FAF
Celtic_Thunder -Voyage-2012
Chill Out Anthology Downtempo Poolside Listening (2011)
Christina Perri - Lovestrong (Deluxe Version)
Cirque du Soleil
Coldplay-A_Rus h_Of_Blood_To_ The_Head-Retai l-2002-Recycle d_INT
Coldplay-Mylo_ Xyloto-2011-Br iBerY
Coldplay-Parac hutes-2000-NHH _INT
Crows-August_A nd_Everything_ After-Deluxe_E dition-2CD-200 7-RTB
David Gilmour.Solo.D iscography.FLA C
David Gilmour - About Face (1984)
David Gilmour - David Gilmour (1978)
David Gilmour - On An Island (2006)
David_Bowie_-_ Hunky_Dory-197 2-FAF_INT
David_Bowie_-_ The_Rise_and_F all_of_Ziggy_S tardust...-197 2-FAF_INT
Def Leppard
Def.Leppard -CD1
Def.Leppard -CD2
Deolinda - Canção ao Lado__WWW.O XE7.COM
Deolinda - Dois Selos e um Carimbo__WW W.OXE7.COM
Depeche_Mode-V iolator-(Remas tered)-2006-RN S
Diana Piedade - Todas as Músicas Ao Vivo no Ídolos
Dire Straits – Greatest Hits (2010)
CD 01
CD 02
Dire_Straits-B rothers_In_Arm s-(Remastered) -1985-FIH_iNT
Dirty Dancing- Ultimate Dirty Dancing SOUNDTRACK(THE NEWS)
Erotic Chillout and Lounge Session Vol_01__WWW.DO WN7.NET
Evanescence–Ev anescence (Deluxe Edition)-PROPE R-2011
Fleetwood_Mac- Rumours-2CD-RE MASTERED-2004- uF
Game Of Thrones SoundTrack
Game_Of_Throne s-2011
gary go-gary go 2009
Gary Moore - Legacy (2012)
CD 1
CD 2
Gods Of Guitar__WWW.DO WN7.NET
Great White - 30 Years Live From The Sunset Strip__MOOVK.C OM
Green_Day-Dook ie-1994-NHH_IN T
Gregorian - O Fortuna [2010]
Guida Nova
Guns N Roses baladas
Guns_N_Roses_- _Appetite_for_ Destruction_-_ MFSL-1987-FAF
Iron Maiden - 2013 - Maiden England '88
2013 Maiden England '88 (CD 1)
2013 Maiden England '88 (CD 2)
Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Discografia
James Last
James Morrison - The Awakening (2011)
Jean Michel Jarre - Essentials & Rarities ( 2011 ),MP3
Jeff_Buckley_- _Grace-1994-FA F_INT
Jethro_Tull-Aq ualung-(40th_A nniverasry_Edi tion)-2CD-2011
JHBBCSessionsR 2010
Jimi_Hendrix-A re_You_Experie nced_(UK_Versi on)-1967-iRO
Joe Satriani - Satchurated (2012)
Joni_Mitchell_ -_Blue-1971-FA F
Journey - Greatest Hits (1988)
Journey - Greatest Hits 2 (2011)
Joy_Division - Closer-1980
Joy_Division-U nknown_Pleasur es_(Remastered _&_Expanded)-2 CD-2007-JUST
Kate Bush - Hounds Of Love
Kenny G - Heart And Soul (2010)
KISS-Monster_( MP3_Version)-2 012
Kraftwerk-The_ Mix-Remastered -2009-r35
Kylie_Minogue- Aphrodite_(Del uxe_Version)-( 2010)
Led_Zeppelin_- _Led_Zeppelin_ II-1969-FAF_IN T
Led_Zeppelin-C elebration_Day -2CD-2012
Led_Zeppelin-I V-1971-KSi_INT
Led_Zeppelin-P hysical_Graffi ti-2CD-1987-IN T-DDZ
Limp Bizkit - Gold Cobra [Deluxe Version] (2011)
Linkin Park discografia__W WW.PIRATATUGA. NET
Lou Reed - Transformer-19 72
Love - Forever Changes
Love Songs Actually 2011__WWW.OXE7 .COM
Madredeus-Esse ncia (2012)
Manic Street Preachers - Everything Must Go-1996
Manic_Street_ Preachers- The_ Holy_ Bible-1994
Marchinhas de Carnaval__WWW. OXE7.COM
VOL. 1
VOL. 2
Mariah_Carey-T he_Ballads-200 8
Mark.Knopfler- Greatest.Hits_ _OXE7.COM
Disc 1
Disc 2
Martinho.Da.Vi la - 20.Anos.De.Sam ba-GoN16
Martinho da vila 20 anos de samba cd 1
Martinho da vila 20 anos de samba cd 1
Martinho da vila 20 anos de samba cd 2
Martinho da vila 20 anos de samba cd 2
Martinho da vila 20 anos de samba cd 3
Martinho da vila 20 anos de samba cd 3
Marvin_Gaye-Wh ats_Going_On-1 971-EOS
Massive_Attack -Blue_Lines-CS C
Meat Loaf - Hang Cool Teddy Bear (Deluxe Edition) (2010) [MP3]
CD1 - Hang Cool Teddy Bear
CD2 - Casa De Carne Live Album (Bonus CD)
Meat_Loaf-Bat_ Out_of_Hell-Re mastered-1994- Recycled_INT
Megahits 2011
Melanie C-The Sea
Metallica - Metal Up Your Ass Dude [2011]
Metallica-Blac k_Album-1991-S NR
Michael Jackson -- Discography (320kbps)
Michael_Jackso n-Thriller-(Re mastered)-(Lim ited_Edition)- 2009-SO
Michel Teló - Na Balada (2011)
Miguel Angelo - Primeiro (2012)-DEBT MSNM
Mike_Oldfield- Ommadawn-Remas tered-2CD-2010 -r35
Mike_Oldfield- Tubular_Bells_ (Digitally_Rem astered)-2009- ONe
Miles_Davis_-_ Kind_of_Blue-R eissue-1959-FA F
Moby-Play-(Ret ail)-1999-Home ly_INT
Muse-Origin_of _Symmetry-Reta il-2005-Recycl ed_INT
My_Bloody_ Valentine-Love less
Nelly Furtado - The Best Of (Deluxe Edition)
Nirvana_-_Neve rmind-1991-FAF _INT
Nirvana-In_Ute ro-Retail-1993 -Recycled_INT
NOW 21 PT Edition by rodas22
NOW 21 PT Edition by rodas22 CD1
NOW 21 PT Edition by rodas22 CD2
Nuno Norte - Um Amigo (2004)_DOWNTUG A.NET
O Melhor da Música Portuguesa em 2012__WWW.OXE7 .COM
O melhor do Pop Rock Português 1979-1990 (Edição Especial de 4 CDs)
O Terrivel CD da Vinganca__WWW. PIRATATUGA.NET
O Terrivel CD da Vinganca__W WW.PIRATATU GA.NET
Oasis-(Whats_T he_Story)_Morn ing_Glory-1995 -FIH_INT
Oasis-Definite ly_Maybe-1994- INT-DDZ
OneRepublic-Wa king.Up-Deluxe .Edition-2CD-2 009-MTD
Oriental Chill Out__WWW.PIRAT ATUGA.NET
Patti_Smith_-_ Horses-1975-FA F
Paul_Simon_-_G raceland-1986- FAF_INT
Pearl_Jam_-_Te n-1992-FAF_INT
Peter Frampton
Peter Gabriel - Greatest Hits (2008)
Peter_Gabriel- New_Blood-(Spe cial_Edition)- 2CD-2011
Phil_Collins_- _Going_Back-20 10-MOD
Pink Floyd The Complete Discography
Pixies-Doolitt le-Ltd.Ed.-Rem astered-2008-A MRC
Pop Party 7 (2009)
Portishead-Dum my-1994-SNR
Portugal com Alma - O Melhor da Música Portuguesa (2012)
CD 1
CD 2
Primal_Scream- Screamadelica- 1991
Prince-Sign_O_ The_Times-(Rem astered)-(Limi ted_Edition)-2 CD-2009-SO
Public_Enemy_- _It_Takes_A_Na tion_of_Millio ns_to_Hold_Us_ Back-1988-FAF_ INT
Pulp- Different_ Class-1999
Queen-A_Night_ at_the_Opera_3 0_Anniversary_ Collectors_Edi tion_READ_NFO- 2005-JUST
R.E.M.-Automat ic_For_The_Peo ple-1992-KSi_I NT
R.E.M.-Out_of_ Time-Remastere d-Limited_Edit ion-2005-radia l
Rádio M80 - Cantados em Português (2012)__WWW.OX E7.COM
CD 1
CD 2
Radiohead_-_OK _Computer-1997 -FAF_INT
Radiohead-Kid_ A_(Collectors_ Edition)-2CD-2 009-ONe
Radiohead-The_ Bends-(Reissue )-2CD-2009-404
Rage_Against_T he_Machine-Rag e_Against_The_ Machine-1992-N HH_INT
Rammstein - Greatest Hits__WWW.SECT ORFILE.COM
Rammstein - Instrumental [Compilation] (2010)
Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Californicatio n-1999
RFM - Oceano Pacifico I
RFM - Oceano Pacifico II
RFM - Oceano Pacifico III
Robbie_William s-Reality_Kill ed_The_Video_S tar-CD-2009-DO H
Santana - Discografia Completa
Santos & Pecadores - 20 Anos Ao Vivo No CCB (2011)
Santos e Pecadores - Energia (2010)_os.refo rmados
Scorpions Complete Discography [1972 - 2011]
Seal - Soul 2 (2011)
Secondhand Serenade - Hear Me Now__WWW.PIRAT ATUGA.NET
Shakira-Sale_E l_Sol-(Retail) -2010-P2P
Sigur Ros discography (mp3.320)
Simon_and_Garf unkel_-_Bridge _Over_Troubled _Water-1970-FA F_INT
Smashing_Pumpk ins-Mellon_Col lie_And_The_In finite_Sadness -2CD-1995-EOS
Soft Rock Ballads
CD 1
CD 2
CD 3
Spirits of Nature - Vol 1
Spirits of Nature - Vol 2
Spirits of Nature - Vol 3
Spirits of Nature - Vol 4
Spirits of Nature - Vol 5
Spirits of Nature - Vol 6
Stevie_Wonder_ -_Songs_in_the _Key_of_Life_- _Vol.1_and_2-2 CD-FAF_INT
Susan Boyle - The Gift (2010)
Susan_Boyle-I_ Dreamed_A_Drea m-2009-ONe
Television_-_M arquee_Moon-19 77-FAF
The Band-The Band-1969
The Complete Classic Rock Collection (2010)
The Gift - Primavera (2012)
The Police - Discography (320 VBR) [1978 - 1993]
The Pussycat Dolls - Doll Domination 2.0 (2009)
The.Smiths-The .Queen.Is.Dead -CSC
The_Beatles_-_ Abbey_Road-196 9-FAF_INT
The_Beatles_-_ Revolver-1966- FAF_INT
The_Beatles_-_ Sgt._Peppers_L onely_Hearts_C lub_Band-1967- FAF_INT
The_Beatles-Ru bber_Soul-(Rem astered_Mono)- 2009-SiRE
The_Beatles-Th e_Beatles_(The _White_Album)- (Remastered_Mo no)-2CD-2009-S iRE
The_Clash-Lond on_Calling_Leg acy_Edition-2C D-RETAIL-2004- ESC
The_Clash-The_ Clash-(Remaste red)-1999-DNR
The_Doors_-_Th e_Doors-1967-F AF_INT
The_Guitar_(31 _Laidback_Song s)-2CD-2011-SS R
The_Jimi_Hendr ix_Experience_ -_Electric_Lad yland-Reissue- 1968-FAF_INT
The_Rolling_St ones_-_Beggars _Banquet-1968- FAF_INT
The_Rolling_St ones_-_Exile_o n_Main_St-1972 -FAF_INT
The_Rolling_St ones_-_Let_It_ Bleed-1969-FAF _INT
The_Rolling_St ones-Sticky_Fi ngers-Remaster ed-2009-r35
The_Sex_Pistol s_-_Nevermind_ The_Bollocks-1 977-FAF_INT
The_Smashing_P umpkins-Siames e_Dream-1993-F IH_INT
The_Stone_Rose s-The_Stone_Ro ses-(20th_Anni versary_Deluxe _Edition)-2CD- 2009-404
The_Strokes-Is _This_It-2001- aPC
The_Velvet_Und erground-The_V elvet_Undergro und_And_Nico-1 967-FIH_INT
The_Verve-Urba n_Hymns-1997-F IH_INT
Thin_Lizzy-Joh nny_The_Fox-(D eluxe_Edition) -2CD-2011
Tim - Companheiros De Aventura Ao Vivo (2012)-WWW.OXE 7.COM
Top 40 Singles UK - 14.02.10__WWW. PIRATATUGA.NET
Triumvirat - Illusions On A Double Dimple (1974) [Tilo000]
Triumvirat - Old loves die hard
Triumvirat - Pompeii
Triumvirat - Spartacus
tuning_hitz_20 10
U2_-_Achtung_B aby-1991-FAF_I NT
U2_-_The_Joshu a_Tree-1987-FA F_INT
U2-Achtung Baby
Van Halen - A Different Kind Of Truth (2012)
Van Halen - Discography 1976-2004 Mp3 320 kbps
Van_Morrison_- _Astral_Weeks- 1968-FAF_INT
Vangelis - Greatest Hits
Xutos & Pontapés - O Cerco Continua (2012)
Xutos.&.Pontap es
XXX (Soundtrack) CD1
XXX (Soundtrack) CD2
Zé Pedro - Convidado (2011)
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